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"Grief Is The Stillness"

Pushing the boundaries of electronic programming is nothing new to New York City composer lionel Cohen. His latest release, "Grief Is The Stillness", is notably his most electronically experimental and synthetic sounding album to date. Blending Ambient, I.D.M., Glitch, and Post-Rock elements, lionel has constructed perfectly vibrant and surprisingly melodic landscapes.

All tracks are written, performed and produced by lionel cohen. Copyright lionel cohen music 2010.

1. To live with speech, one must first pass through the death of life without speech

2. Our interpretation and understanding of collected information (knowledge) is in direct function of the physical body we are given

3. When a person has a strong faith in something, everything around that person will bend to accommodate their beliefs

4. Believing in God is not enough to make a person good, in fact, it is often the opposite

5. History suggests that each age appeals to its most impressive technology as a metaphor for the cosmos, or even God

6. As human beings, at what point do we stop making technology work for us, and cross over the line to where we work for the technology?

7. More than half of today’s humanity lives in Hell because of the indifference of the other half

8. It is far more dangerous when the slave makes a slave of the master

9. Objects exist like people, but if we give them more importance, then they exist more than people

10. It’s the things you hate in common that make you love each other

11. To die together is even more personal and far more comforting than to live together

12. Everything that evolves dies, but it dies in order for something else to emerge into life

13. When your head will be filled with enough to drown the earth, you will break your silence. I will be listening.

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