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"How To Make a Bomb Using Household Items"

"How To Make a Bomb Using Household Items" is a poignant commentary on the use of bombings for personal or political agendas. Dark ambient cinematic soundscapes, spotted with exotic accents, set the perfect mood for reflecting upon one's actions.

All tracks are written, performed and produced by lionel cohen. Copyright lionel cohen music 2013.

01 To Each His Fate
02 Love For Country
03 Justifications
04 A Few Must Die So Many Can Live
05 The Hypothetical Opposition
06 Forcing Them to Understand
07 A Calling
08 The Contingency
09 Direction of Hate
10 The Harmful Risk of Reason
11 Feeling the Sun for the Last Time
12 Before the First Drop Hits the Ground
13 Last-Minute Remorse
14 Revenge in Name Only
15 Dying in Anonymity
16 We Are the Many


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