lionel Cohen

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"Standing In The Truth"

After a soul-searching expedition in Northern India, lionel Cohen composes "Standing In The Truth". A World fusion incorporating electronics and traditional Indian instruments with New Age and Ambient sensibilities.


All tracks are written, performed and produced by lionel cohen. Copyright lionel cohen music 2010.


In A Gentle Way, You Can Shake The World
There Is More To Life Than Increasing Its Speed
What Is Possible For One Is Possible For All
We Hug The Chains That Bind Us
The Future Depends On What We Do In The Present
Violence Is Suicide
Hate The Sin, Love The Sinner
Truth Is One, Paths Are Many
Love Is The Subtlest Force In The World
Peace Is Its Own Reward
Poverty Is The Worst Form Of Violence
You Cannot Shake Hands With A Clenched Fist
Everyone Holds A Piece Of The Truth




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